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Use our rental Dumpster Bins to get rid of your Trash!

Direct Waste Disposal rents Dumpster Bins for delivery to your home or business in Grand Bend, Parkhill. Port Franks, Forest, Exeter, Zurich, Hensall, Bayfield or anywhere in South West Ontario. We supply trash bins to your property for you to load rubbish, garbage, building waste, appliances, renovation materials, garden waste, garden material, hydroponic discard, old furniture, or any products that you want to get rid of. Ask for a quote and that will be your final bill, no hidden up charges for our waste bins.
Direct Waste Disposal - Rental Bin waste disposal for Southwest Ontario doesn't have to be as difficult as it sounds, especially when you have Direct Waste Disposal on your side. We take pride in our proven methods to ensure that when the residents of Southwest Ontario need a waste disposal service, Direct Waste Disposal is there to answer their call. We have various sizes of waste disposal bins available for any size of project you might be starting. If you're unsure which size of waste disposal bin would be best for your project, contact one of our representatives in Grand Bend, Ontario. They would be more than happy to get to know you and your waste disposal project and make recommendations based on the information provided. We'll even provide a free estimate!
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Direct Waste Disposal
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About Us at Direct Waste Disposal We are a local waste and recycling company. We pride ourselves on an easy experience. Whether its a shed clean out, basement rationalization, event, small remodel project or large construction project, we have all the resources to get your project done fast and without any worries to you. You will immediately receive your email receipts of any orders placed, someone is always available on the phone for questions or issues.